Puppets take over The Late Late Show’s 1000th episode

19 12 2009

If you’re not already watching the fantastic Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, you’re really missing out on something. Without question the funniest and sometimes quirkiest late night show out there, the show tends to fly under the radar and maybe because of that, gets away with trying some things that would never fly on any other show.

Take, for example, the show’s 1000th episode. The whole show was a celebration WITHOUT its host. That’s not to say Craig wasn’t involved but the show itself was hosted by a hand-puppet (voiced and performed by Craig), Wavey the Crocodile, and featured a puppet Sean Connery, shark puppet Aquaman, and interviews with Kristen Bell, Maria Bello and Jason Schwartzman (all conducted by Wavey). The whole show ended with Wavey the Crocodile lip-synching to James Taylor’s You’ve Got a Friend while surrounded by some of the re-occurring sketch characters (and puppets) from the show. Craig is actually visible here…but he’s dressed up as his character-version of Prince Charles. Seriously awesome and out there stuff.

But perhaps the best moment was when Jason Segel (along with Nathan Danforth and The Broken West) came on to perform his song, Dracula’s Lament, from his film Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Like in the film, it’s performed via a puppet Dracula…and to be clear, this is one of the best things I’ve ever seen on a TV talk show. It’s not often you see something quite this original and off-the-wall on network TV and for that, I thank you Mr. Ferguson (and Mr. Segel). Take a look at the awesomeness for yourself:

All hail Craig, Jason and all the puppets!

51st Grammy Awards – LIVE (February 8, 2009)

8 02 2009
  • 7:36 PM pollyprissypant - The live show starts at 8 pm EST on CBS.
  • 7:38 PM pollyprissypant - Pre-show winners include: Coldplay, Al Green, Metallica, John Mayer, Radiohead, Al Gore and Duffy. Oh and George Carlin won Best Comedy Album! A great way to kick off the awards.
  • 7:41 PM pollyprissypant - Performers will include: U2, Coldplay, Paul McCartney (with Dave Grohl), Katy Perry, Lil’ Wayne, Kenny Chesney and Justin Timberlake.
  • 7:50 PM TheGRAMMYs - Everyone’s seen @qoolquest, right? Questo of the Roots tweeting with some pretty unique insight.
  • 7:52 PM Jonathan Keebler - What are Paul McCartney and Dave Grohl doing together?
  • 7:53 PM pollyprissypant - Dave Grohl is playing drums for McCartney’s performance.
  • 7:54 PM Jonathan Keebler - I hope Katy Perry has a wardrobe malfunction :)
  • 7:54 PM TheGRAMMYs - Correction Best Zydeco Or Cajun Music Album went to Live At The 2008 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, *BeauSoleil and Michael Doucet*
  • 7:56 PM qoolquest - man. im kinda honored jonas bros gave me dap
  • 7:58 PM pollyprissypant - Among the presenters tonight: Craig Ferguson (woot!), Sheryl Crow, Jack Black, Gwyneth Paltrow and Al Green
  • 7:59 PM TheGRAMMYs - Trying to keep our FB page updated w photos and videos: http://is.gd/iRh4. You’ll see the artists from that first video in the 1st hour.
  • 7:59 PM pollyprissypant - And here we go…
  • The rest of the show…

Entertainment Wrap Up: January 19, 2009

19 01 2009

Entertainment tidbits and headlines from around the ‘net:

  • Yet another reason why Hugh Jackman seems to be one of the most savvy (let’s ignore the Viva Laughlin thing, k?) and down-to-earth guys in the entertainment business…he takes time out from his schedule to acknowledge fans and gives them what they’re looking for. He (or someone on his team) noticed the worried internet buzz surrounding Wolverine after reports of reshoots surfaced at Ain’t It Cool News and decided to email them to set the record straight (check out the exclusive image from the film he sent along with it):

    “I wanted to reach out and let you know that due to scheduling conflicts with certain cast members and location/weather considerations, we had to wait until now to shoot a couple of scenes. Please rest assured that WOLVERINE will be badass and hopefully meet all of your expectations. I am stoked by the positive response to the teaser, which clearly reflects the tone and scope of the film. If you like that, we’ve got much more in store!”

  • wolverine-origins

  • The Online Film Critics Society presented their top honours for the films of the past year. Wall-E was named their top film, as well as their top animated film and top original screenplay. The Dark Knight took home four awards for direction, cinematography, supporting actor and score. Other winners include The Wrestler, Let the Right One In and Wendy and Lucy.
  • Jim Carrey‘s new film I Love You, Phillip Morris (co-starring Ewan McGregor) debuted to good reviews at Sundance. The film is based on the life of reporter Steve McVicker and is described by Variety as “largely a portrait of a born criminal”. Carrey’s character presents himself (falsely) as both a lawyer and CEO and commits crime after fraudulent crime. The film does not currently have a North American release date.
  • io9.com has a fantastic article about actors in the industry who really take the time to understand and appreciate the fans, “Actors Who Get Fandom“. The list includes Nathan Fillion (Firefly, Serenity), Wil Wheaton (Star Trek: TNG and blogger extraordinaire), Felicia Day (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog) and Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars, Heroes, Forgetting Sarah Marshall). (link via IMDB)

Entertainment Wrap Up: January 18, 2009

18 01 2009

Entertainment tidbits and headlines from around the ‘net:

  • The Sundance Film Festival turns a quarter-century old this week and The Los Angeles Times has a great retrospective on the past 25 years of the festival and the films (Sex, Lies and Videotapes, Clerks) and people (Robert Redford, Steven Soderbergh) that have made their mark at the Utah-based event. (Link via BuzzSugar)
  • It may be awards season for the film industry but you wouldn’t know it by looking at the films topping the box office this weekend. Paul Blart: Mall Cop took the top spot with a tally of $33.8 M – the film stars funny man Kevin James as a mall guard trying to protect his territory from an invading gang of thugs. Rounding out the top five were Gran Torino (an actual award-worthy flick which brought in $22.2 M), My Bloody Valentine 3-D ($21.9 M), Notorious ($21.5 M), and Hotel for Dogs ($17.7 M).
  • The A.V. Club interviewed Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clements (aka Flight of the Conchords). The second season of their Emmy-nominated show premieres tonight at 10 pm on HBO.
  • The big TV ticket today was We Are One: The Obama Inauguration Concert. Music unifies us and hope sustains us were the messages messages of the day as we heard from headliners like Bruce Springsteen, Beyonce, Josh Groban, will.i.am, Sheryl Crow, Jon Bon Jovi (in a powerful duet of A Change is Gonna Come with Bettye Lavette), John Mellencamp, and U2. Speakers included Tom Hanks, Laura Linney, Jamie Foxx (who had a bang-on impression of the President-Elect), Steve Carell, Tiger Woods, Jack Black, Martin Luther King III, and Denzel Washington. HBO has the event streaming online and will be presenting an encore of the performance at 11:30 pm EST on broadcast and online (open to US only). The inauguration itself takes place this coming Tuesday, January 20.

Entertainment Wrap-Up: January 17, 2009

18 01 2009

A round up of entertainment headlines and tidbits from around the ‘net:

  • With all the award shows and film premieres, the pre-production films and shows sometimes end up lost in the shadows but I caught a glimpse of this delightful tidbit today. As part of the current Television Critic’s Event happening in L.A., Rob Thomas revealed that the rumoured Veronica Mars movie appears to be becoming a reality. His current television show (Cupid) has fewer episodes in production than originally planned, so he is actually writing the film as we speak. The plan is for Joel Silver to produce and the wonderful Kristen Bell to reprise her role as they sassy, stealthy and smarty-pants title character. Thomas and Silver are in talks with other key actors from the show to also reprise their roles, including Enrico Colantoni (Keith Mars) who currently stars in Flashpoint and Jason Dohring (Logan Echolls) who is set to star in a new HBO series, Washingtonienne, soon. Thomas says he has the majority of the storyline plotted out and plans to set the movie at the end of Veronica’s college years (and not in FBI training, as his initial pitch for a 4th season of the show would suggest). Here’s hoping this gets off the ground…while it’s second and third seasons may not have lived up to the near-perfection of it’s inaugural season, Veronica Mars was a smart, funny, dramatic and multi-layered show that deserves a second chance.
  • The Chicago Tribune has a great interview with Battlestar Galactica‘s executive producer Ron Moore about the direction the final episodes of the show will take us. He addresses many of the new questions that were brought up in Friday’s episode and lets us in on some behind the scenes exclusives. BEWARE SPOILERS in the interview. Do not read if you haven’t seen the latest episode (411) “Sometimes a Great Notion”.
  • Gossip Girl’s creators confirmed they will be going ahead with a rumoured spin-off of the wildly popular CW teen-drama. The spin off will take us back in time and will centre around the character of Lily van der Woodsen when she was a teenager in L.A. during the 1980’s. Josh Schwartz sat down with BuzzSugar to give more details on what we can expect…
  • The annual Sundance Film Festival kicked off this past week with a jam packed schedule full of familiar faces and a couple high-powered newcomers. IMDB.com has extensive coverage of the event – complete with schedules, mini-guides and photo galleries.
  • The legal battle for the rights to the Watchmen franchise came to a successful close this week and the film now has a solid release date of March 6, 2009. On behalf of the fans, WB and Fox…we thank you.
  • After months of negotiations and uncertainty it has been confirmed that Matthew Weiner, creator of AMC’s acclaimed drama Mad Men, has signed on to continue with the show for two years with a seven-figure overall deal with producer Lionsgate TV. The rest of the cast had signed contracts months ago without the creator on board, so I can guess everyone is heaving a big sigh of relief right about now.

Neil Patrick Harris hosts SNL – January 10, 2009

10 01 2009
  • 11:34 PM pollyprissypant - And we’re back with another year of SNL!
  • 11:35 PM pollyprissypant - First sketch – The Rachel Maddow Show deals with the Blagojevich and Burress scandal. I’m not sure who’s playing Maddow but she’s doing a good job!
  • 11:35 PM pollyprissypant - Live from New York…it’s Saturday Night!
  • 11:37 PM pollyprissypant - Musical guest – Taylor Swift!
  • 11:37 PM pollyprissypant - And your host…Neil Patrick Harris!
  • 11:37 PM pollyprissypant - Sweet…this is going to be legen…wait for it…DARY!
  • 11:38 PM pollyprissypant - Apparently…he almost hosted the show in 1990 when he was Doogie!
  • 11:38 PM pollyprissypant - Oh…Fred Savage and Wonder Years joke…we’re going old school.
  • 11:40 PM pollyprissypant - Awesome…talking about his girlfriend back in 1990. NPH: “A lot has changed.” nice.
  • 11:40 PM pollyprissypant - Fake audience members launching their best “mother” jokes at Neil. He keeps shooting them down.
  • 11:41 PM pollyprissypant - Andy Samberg now as Mark Wahlberg…”Say hello to the cast of How I Met Your Mother for me!” Ha! Bringing it back.
  • 11:42 PM pollyprissypant - Today Show sketch up next.
  • 11:43 PM pollyprissypant - Kristen Wiig is doing her best Kathie Lee Gifford…this woman is comedy gold.
  • 11:44 PM miVi - who knew Kathy Lee would be riffed on ever again?
  • 11:44 PM pollyprissypant - yay! Hello, Mivi :)
  • 11:44 PM miVi - ps: Kristin Wiig = awesome
  • 11:44 PM miVi - hello p.pants
  • 11:44 PM pollyprissypant - She really is! Who’s this new girl though? Any idea what her name is?
  • 11:45 PM pollyprissypant - I’m loving the topic segment titles scrolling along the bottom of the screen. “Tiny Trots for Tots”…heh
  • 11:45 PM miVi - she’s like the lovechild of Marlie Matlin and that chick from Meet Joe Black
  • 11:46 PM pollyprissypant - NPH in the house as fitness guru Ian Price…going to work out Kathie Lee…
  • 11:46 PM pollyprissypant - He’s wearing a sweatband!
  • 11:47 PM pollyprissypant - OMG…he’s doing a full dance routine! Krunking and electric slide included.
  • 11:47 PM pollyprissypant - Ha! Unidentified girl just punched Kathie Lee in the face.
  • 11:47 PM miVi - Kathie Lee getting punched in any carnation is great
  • 11:48 PM pollyprissypant - Dirty Dancing…with Kristen Wiig and NPH. thoughts?
  • 11:48 PM bruceadam - punch it out.
  • 11:48 PM Jonathan Keebler - How did you guys get 11 watchers already? :D
  • 11:48 PM Jonathan Keebler - Did they show a clip from 1990?
  • 11:49 PM pollyprissypant - @Jonathan – sadly no 90’s clips…yet.
  • 11:49 PM Jonathan Keebler - Oh I’ve……had…the time of my liiiiifffee…….
  • 11:49 PM bruceadam - i also like the 24 and underworld commercials!
  • 11:49 PM pollyprissypant - @bruceadam – you would ;)
  • 11:49 PM bruceadam - cant wait for the doogie references. closing skit?
  • 11:50 PM miVi - i’m crossing my fingers for a Fred Savage cameo
  • 11:50 PM miVi - or Danika McKellar (appearing in 2 HIMYM episodes including the 3some one) … true story
  • 11:50 PM pollyprissypant - Ohhh…maybe closing skit! They have to do something.
  • 11:50 PM bruceadam - im crossing my fingers for a dr. horrible cameo
  • 11:51 PM elcardenas - Wondering if SNL will have NPH do a Doogie Howser skit, Harold and Kumar or Old Spice.
  • 11:51 PM pollyprissypant - I’ve heard rumours of a Liza Minelli cameo…and by that I mean someone told me they heard she would be on it…no idea whether it’s true.
  • 11:51 PM miVi - i smell a musical number
  • 11:51 PM pollyprissypant - Nice guess, Mivi!
  • 11:51 PM miVi - apparently ;)
  • 11:51 PM bruceadam - wow.
  • 11:52 PM pollyprissypant - Ha! Everyone is a character from a famous Broadway show!
  • 11:52 PM miVi - OMG he’s Mark from RENT
  • 11:52 PM bruceadam - mark.
  • 11:52 PM pollyprissypant - NPH makes a GREAT Mark.
  • 11:52 PM miVi - i mean i knew he actually played him
  • 11:52 PM miVi - complete with the sweater
  • 11:52 PM pollyprissypant - Ohhhh…Jeremy Piven dig. Nice!
  • 11:52 PM miVi - jeremy piven jab
  • 11:52 PM miVi - NICE
  • 11:53 PM bruceadam - mj!
  • 11:53 PM pollyprissypant - Amusing since NPH is always losing to him for Globes and Emmys. Stupid Piven.
  • 11:53 PM miVi - hehe no knows who Michael Jordan
  • 11:53 PM pollyprissypant - “He’s like the Tommy Tune of basketball!”
  • 11:53 PM miVi - Music Man!
  • 11:53 PM bruceadam - cutco knives! they ARE amazing
  • 11:54 PM pollyprissypant - So far Phantom, Rent, Cats, Music Man, Wicked…and there’s Annie and Chicago there too.
  • 11:54 PM miVi - “From ‘The Color Purple'”
  • 11:54 PM bruceadam - nph is my hero. there. i said it
  • 11:55 PM pollyprissypant - Oh! Avenue Q and a dirty blowjob joke. NICE!
  • 11:55 PM pollyprissypant - Annie’s kind of a bitch…lol
  • 11:55 PM pollyprissypant - Oh…Blue Man Group…they show up everywhere.
  • 11:55 PM Jonathan Keebler - I have still never seen an episode of HIMYM. I think after tonight I’m going to have to do a boxset
  • 11:55 PM miVi - that’s what she said…
  • 11:56 PM pollyprissypant - @Jonathan -we will lend them to you…it’s necessary.
  • 11:56 PM bruceadam - jonathan.. is classic.. you would love barney
  • 11:56 PM Jonathan Keebler - How many seasons am I behind?
  • 11:56 PM pollyprissypant - Ha…”dude from Stomp…” “BAM!” “Still relevant!”
  • 11:56 PM miVi - hahaha
  • 11:56 PM bruceadam - wow
  • 11:56 PM pollyprissypant - Oh…NPH breaks out into “Season of Love”
  • 11:56 PM miVi - uh oh – i will have Seasons of Love in my head for the rest of the weekend
  • 11:57 PM pollyprissypant - And they even brought in the Phantom chandelier…nice.
  • 11:57 PM Jonathan Keebler - MAAAAASSSSSSCARRRRAAAAADDDDDDEEEEE….Paperfacesonparade….
  • 11:57 PM pollyprissypant - Awww…the Fiddler on the Roof just killed himself. This economic slump IS hitting everyone.
  • 11:57 PM miVi - Speaking of RENT – Rosario Dawson is on next week
  • 11:57 PM pollyprissypant - Hide your face so the world will never find you!
  • 11:57 PM bruceadam - 90210 commercial… this show needs to die
  • 11:57 PM pollyprissypant - Coincidence? I think…yeah, probably.
  • 11:58 PM miVi - hehe
  • 11:58 PM pollyprissypant - @bruceadam – I totally agree. Cannot take it.
  • 11:58 PM bruceadam - @polly i’ve never seen it, but yet some part of me cries when i think how its riding the awesomeness of luke perry
  • 11:59 PM pollyprissypant - @bruce – did you see him in Oz?
  • 11:59 PM bruceadam - @polly… no
  • 11:59 PM pollyprissypant - @bruce – he was great – worth seeing
  • 11:59 PM miVi - Man, Hollywood needs to make more dog movies…
  • 11:59 PM pollyprissypant - Hotel For Dogs…necessary? Um…no.
  • 12:00 AM pollyprissypant - HA! Yes…have no fear…I’m guessing that Beverly Hills Chihuahua will have many sequels!
  • 12:00 AM pollyprissypant - And we’re back…
  • 12:00 AM miVi - Should I know this character?
  • 12:01 AM bruceadam - ug..this character bothers me
  • 12:01 AM pollyprissypant - Interesting…a group therapy sketch. Could go either way.
  • 12:01 AM pollyprissypant - NPH is the therapist.
  • 12:02 AM bruceadam - she’s not funny. nph funny.. she.. not funny
  • 12:02 AM miVi - @bruce – You don’t think Kristen Wiig? or this character?
  • 12:02 AM pollyprissypant - Penelope is a little annoying…why are they letting NPH be the serious guy? He brings the funny…use him!
  • 12:03 AM miVi - @polly – agreed
  • 12:03 AM bruceadam - @miVi… this character
  • 12:04 AM miVi - irrelevant to this sketch, that purple looks great on him
  • 12:04 AM pollyprissypant - Okay – I laughed at her appearing on the stress DVD.
  • 12:05 AM pollyprissypant - His impression of Kristen Wiig is very good!
  • 12:05 AM miVi - there’s the liza minnelli cameo…
  • 12:05 AM bruceadam - fraggle rock!
  • 12:05 AM miVi - coming up…
  • 12:05 AM pollyprissypant - It’s IS Liza!
  • 12:05 AM pollyprissypant - Holy man…
  • 12:05 AM bruceadam - ..liza… no thanks.
  • 12:06 AM bruceadam - finally
  • 12:06 AM pollyprissypant - That was very random…
  • 12:06 AM pollyprissypant - Digital Short, baby!
  • 12:06 AM miVi - Digital short commences… NOW
  • 12:06 AM bruceadam - yay!
  • 12:06 AM pollyprissypant - NPH at a piano…
  • 12:06 AM miVi - starring NPH
  • 12:06 AM bruceadam - um
  • 12:06 AM bruceadam - um
  • 12:06 AM miVi - YES!!! DOOGIE!
  • 12:06 AM pollyprissypant - DOOGIE!
  • 12:06 AM bruceadam - omg
  • 12:06 AM bruceadam - OMG
  • 12:06 AM bruceadam - epic doogie!
  • 12:07 AM pollyprissypant - Orchestral version of the Doogie theme song…it doesn’t get better than this. And the entire orchestra is dressed up like Doogie!
  • 12:07 AM bruceadam - wow
  • 12:07 AM miVi - London Symphony Orchestra performs Doogie theme as conducted by John WIlliams
  • 12:07 AM pollyprissypant - He’s really feeling the music…
  • 12:07 AM bruceadam - this made up for the crap before
  • 12:07 AM pollyprissypant - Or Danny Elfman…
  • 12:07 AM pollyprissypant - Dancers!
  • 12:07 AM bruceadam - waiting the the blue man group to appear
  • 12:07 AM pollyprissypant - Guitar rock solo.
  • 12:08 AM bruceadam - well played nph
  • 12:08 AM miVi - One tear….
  • 12:08 AM bruceadam - well played.
  • 12:08 AM pollyprissypant - One single tear…awesome.
  • 12:08 AM pollyprissypant - They had to do something.
  • 12:08 AM miVi - Ice cream break!
  • 12:08 AM pollyprissypant - Oh…I hate this Boston Pizza commercial.
  • 12:08 AM bruceadam - delicous
  • 12:09 AM pollyprissypant - Aw man…I have no snacks and now I’m hungry.
  • 12:09 AM bruceadam - thats what she said
  • 12:10 AM bruceadam - @miVi my kitten Lucy says hi
  • 12:11 AM pollyprissypant - Music break…Taylor Swift.
  • 12:11 AM bruceadam - one fugly guitar
  • 12:11 AM miVi - @bruce – I’m in Mississauga, come on over ;)
  • 12:11 AM Jonathan Keebler - She has a Scarlett Johansson thing going on
  • 12:12 AM bruceadam - she looks like Jem Rockstar
  • 12:12 AM miVi - ScarJo and Mandy Moore’s love child
  • 12:12 AM bruceadam - @miVi.. where?
  • 12:12 AM miVi - @bruce Winston Churchill/Erin Mills
  • 12:12 AM bruceadam - .. Jem or barbie and the rockers
  • 12:13 AM pollyprissypant - I think I had a Barbie WITH that guitar…in 1986.
  • 12:13 AM pollyprissypant - What’s with the one guitarist who looks like Jack White and Tim Burton’s love child?
  • 12:14 AM bruceadam - @miVi.. thats near me! nobody ever comes here on purpose!
  • 12:14 AM miVi - @bruce – oh yeah, where are you?
  • 12:14 AM bruceadam - this band is terrible. seriously.. please stop and put on more nph
  • 12:14 AM pollyprissypant - @bruce – ha! My dad lives near there too…so I occasionally wander by…although he’s close to the QEW.
  • 12:15 AM bruceadam - @miVi WC & englinton
  • 12:16 AM pollyprissypant - Okay…should have done this before…but if we’re going to have a pic of Taylor…we need some NPH.
  • 12:16 AM pollyprissypant -
  • 12:16 AM Jonathan Keebler - I could find a pic of Taylor where we was sufficiently naked
  • 12:16 AM bruceadam - suit up!
  • 12:17 AM pollyprissypant - Favourite sketch so far?
  • 12:17 AM pollyprissypant - I’ve gotta go with the Broadway…
  • 12:17 AM bruceadam -HIMYM Parody on Family Guy:
  • 12:17 AM Jonathan Keebler - Who is going to replace Amy Poeller tonight?
  • 12:17 AM bruceadam - digital short
  • 12:17 AM miVi - HIMYF!
  • 12:18 AM pollyprissypant - Weekend Update…with just Seth :)
  • 12:18 AM miVi - Just Seth Meyers?
  • 12:18 AM pollyprissypant - Yeah – they aren’t replacing her this season.
  • 12:18 AM pollyprissypant - He’s done a bunch by himself.
  • 12:18 AM miVi - interesting – can he hold his own?
  • 12:18 AM pollyprissypant - He’s the head writer…so I think he can hold his own.
  • 12:18 AM Jonathan Keebler - It’s too intense with just one. There needs to be some back and forth.
  • 12:19 AM pollyprissypant - Yeah…it’s easier if there’s someone to play off of.
  • 12:19 AM bruceadam - ah bill clinton jokes.. they never get old
  • 12:19 AM Jonathan Keebler - LOL @ “thin strip down the middle” Clinton joke
  • 12:19 AM Jonathan Keebler - Charles Barkley? Is he relevant at all anymore? :)
  • 12:19 AM pollyprissypant - Kenan joins as Sir Charles Barkley.
  • 12:20 AM pollyprissypant - Not really…
  • 12:20 AM bruceadam - …mm… burgers
  • 12:20 AM miVi - If they can name drop Jordan, they can name drop Barkley
  • 12:20 AM Jonathan Keebler - “A burger that gives bjs” = I need to get one of those
  • 12:20 AM pollyprissypant - Is that like Steak and BJ Day?
  • 12:20 AM pollyprissypant - Wow…Charles Barkley has not aged well.
  • 12:21 AM bruceadam - not bad.. not bad
  • 12:21 AM pollyprissypant - Ouch…Charles Barkley works for TNT? That hurts. “TNT stands for technically not television”…ha!
  • 12:22 AM bruceadam - bristol. tripp. terrible names
  • 12:22 AM pollyprissypant - OMG…Michael Jackson…is it wrong I forget about him?
  • 12:23 AM bruceadam - ohhhh
  • 12:23 AM miVi - repress is the word you’re looking for
  • 12:23 AM pollyprissypant - True.
  • 12:23 AM pollyprissypant - College Basketball Fanatic – Will Forte…lol
  • 12:24 AM Jonathan Keebler - Wait for the high-pitch singing…
  • 12:24 AM bruceadam - awesome
  • 12:24 AM pollyprissypant - I enjoys the Will Forte.
  • 12:24 AM pollyprissypant - I knew there would be an equation to the Electoral College…s’ why I love this show.
  • 12:25 AM pollyprissypant - Wow…this song just got really disturbing…
  • 12:25 AM miVi - Ffffff…..
  • 12:25 AM pollyprissypant - “Can we switch over to HBO for a sec?” lol…
  • 12:26 AM bruceadam - good weekend update
  • 12:26 AM Jonathan Keebler - Seth needs “a thing” at the end of WU
  • 12:26 AM pollyprissypant - Seth does a good job but I miss the dynamic with him and Amy :(
  • 12:27 AM pollyprissypant - Yeah…he needs an out :)
  • 12:27 AM Jonathan Keebler - Maybe she’ll come back for “AAARRE YOOOOUUU SERIOUSSSSS??!”
  • 12:27 AM miVi - even if he just said “Out”
  • 12:27 AM bruceadam - like nph had an out? ohhhhhhh
  • 12:27 AM miVi - HA!
  • 12:28 AM pollyprissypant - You went there.
  • 12:28 AM pollyprissypant - Did everyone see his girlfriend joke in the beginning monologue? Gold.|
  • 12:28 AM miVi - yup! awesome
  • 12:28 AM bruceadam - i kind want to see paul blart. mall copp
  • 12:29 AM bruceadam - 2 first names… thats me!
  • 12:30 AM miVi - HAHA David Lee Roth… really?
  • 12:30 AM pollyprissypant - Ha…the only tv talk show that focuses exclusively on celebrities with TWO first names!
  • 12:30 AM bruceadam - gold
  • 12:30 AM miVi - Kristen Wiig as Jamie Lee Curtis: “Yogurt!”
  • 12:31 AM miVi - NPH kicks Daniel Day-Lewis off the show
  • 12:31 AM pollyprissypant - Jamie Lynn Spears, David Lee Roth, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Jamie Lee Curtis, Michael Clarke Duncan…and who was the other guy?
  • 12:32 AM pollyprissypant - Ha…Andy Samberg as Billy Bob Thorton
  • 12:32 AM bruceadam - how was billy bob ever married to angelena jolie?
  • 12:32 AM pollyprissypant - Oh – also Julia Louis Dreyfuss
  • 12:33 AM pollyprissypant - Ha…least favourite athlete: Pele.
  • 12:33 AM pollyprissypant - Oh…it’s Tommy Lee Jones…there we go.
  • 12:33 AM bruceadam - @polly i didnt pick that up either
  • 12:33 AM pollyprissypant - NPH kicks off Julia since Louis is a part of her last name…heh
  • 12:34 AM pollyprissypant - Sad there was no Sarah Michelle Gellar :)
  • 12:34 AM bruceadam - i was expecting a bono reference
  • 12:36 AM bruceadam - i wonder if they will do a himym spoof
  • 12:36 AM miVi - Wait for it…
  • 12:36 AM miVi - Season 4.0 of BSG
  • 12:36 AM miVi - sorry – random words
  • 12:37 AM pollyprissypant - OMG
  • 12:37 AM miVi - NPH in drag – it was a matter of time
  • 12:37 AM pollyprissypant - With a southern accent and press on nails…and named Fran.
  • 12:37 AM bruceadam - have-you-met-ted.com
  • 12:38 AM bruceadam - look at those nails
  • 12:38 AM miVi - Coo-coo banana crackers
  • 12:39 AM pollyprissypant - He’s wearing a coral half-sweater…this is fantastic.
  • 12:39 AM pollyprissypant - Kristen Wiig and NPH make a great pair.
  • 12:40 AM bruceadam - i wish ‘by remote’ really meant this
  • 12:40 AM pollyprissypant - His accent is fantastic…
  • 12:42 AM miVi - So the gag here is long nails, Southern accents and NPH in drag?
  • 12:42 AM pollyprissypant - Apparently. But it’s working cause I keep giggling…
  • 12:43 AM bruceadam - agreed
  • 12:44 AM bruceadam - vin. diesel. no.
  • 12:45 AM miVi - Great photo of NPH there :)
  • 12:46 AM pollyprissypant - I love the stills they take for the show.
  • 12:46 AM pollyprissypant - Ha…Frost/Other People.
  • 12:46 AM miVi - Bill Hader as Bowie
  • 12:46 AM pollyprissypant - NPH with English accent…
  • 12:47 AM pollyprissypant - Ha! Frost/Lynde….I freaking love any impressions of Paul Lynde.
  • 12:49 AM bruceadam - im doubting a nph closing skit now
  • 12:50 AM bruceadam - .. er.. doogie skit
  • 12:50 AM miVi - thank God only one musical performance
  • 12:50 AM miVi - unless…
  • 12:50 AM miVi - DAMMIT!
  • 12:52 AM pollyprissypant - Yeah…he’ll just come in for the thank yous at the end.
  • 12:53 AM pollyprissypant - How old is Taylor Swift? I feel like I’m watching a high school talent show…
  • 12:53 AM pollyprissypant - It’s creepy when she’s singing to her band who are clearly 25 years older than her.
  • 12:54 AM miVi - hehe yeah, like it’s her dad’s band
  • 12:56 AM pollyprissypant - Neil’s been a great host…but I feel like they didn’t use him (and his serious talents) enough. Thoughts?
  • 12:56 AM pollyprissypant - Yay! One more sketch!
  • 12:57 AM pollyprissypant - Oh…a take off on Whopper Virgins commercials
  • 12:57 AM miVi - Whopper Virgin spoof
  • 12:58 AM miVi - And I agree with polly’s comment… they had grade A material to work with (even the magic tricks) but nothing
  • 12:58 AM pollyprissypant - That was random but funny.
  • 12:59 AM miVi - Speaking of wasted comedic genius: Steve Martin in The Pink Panther
  • 12:59 AM pollyprissypant - He was great in everything he was in…but I think they could’ve done some balls out comedy with him there…and less of the subtle “heh…that was amusing” sketches.
  • 1:00 AM pollyprissypant - And that’s it, ladies and gents.
  • 1:00 AM miVi - meh
  • 1:00 AM pollyprissypant - And he is adorable and gracious as always.
  • 1:01 AM miVi - Agreed
  • 1:01 AM pollyprissypant - Here’s hoping he’ll be back as host…he should be the new Steve Martin (speaking of)
  • 1:02 AM pollyprissypant - I leave you with an excellent example of NPH’s comic timing…genius…
  • 1:02 AM pollyprissypant -The Pencil Miracle scene from HIMYM:
  • 1:03 AM pollyprissypant - Thanks for watching, everyone!
  • 12:23 AM pollyprissypant - And because watching it is even better, here are some of the highlights from last night:
  • 12:23 AM pollyprissypant -The Monologue:
  • 12:24 AM pollyprissypant -SNL Digital Short: Orchestral Doogie Howser M.D. Theme:
  • 12:24 AM pollyprissypant -SNL Save Broadway:
  • 12:25 AM pollyprissypant -SNL Penelope Therapy Session Sketch (Liza Minnelli):
  • 12:30 AM pollyprissypant -SNL Frost/Other People:
  • 12:30 AM pollyprissypant -SNL The Today Show:
  • 12:30 AM pollyprissypant -SNL Whopper Vigins:

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Entertainment Wrap Up: December 22, 2008

22 12 2008

Headlines and pop culture tidbits from around the ‘net:

- Ausiello has a sneak peek at a scene from Joss Whedon‘s new series, Dollhouse. I have to agree with him…best stocking stuffer EVER. The show premieres on Fox on Feb. Friday the 13th…make of that what you will.

Paul Newman

- Entertainment Weekly has an excellent group of articles touching on the talent that was lost this year – Legacies ’08: Stars Pay Tribute. Each tribute to the departed was written by another star (be they a friend or just an admirer). The list includes Paul Newman (written by Martin Scorcese), Heath Ledger (written by Mel Gibson), Sidney Pollack (by Robert Redford) and Tim Russert (by Brian Williams). Really great tributes that touch on each individuals one of a kind personality and contributions to the industry.

- EW continues to rock out on the year-end articles and galleries, posting a fantastic photo essay of the Best Moments of 2008…the catch? All the photos are re-enactments of the memorable moments starring the cast of the fabulous and hilarious How I Met Your Mother.


- U2‘s latest album, “No Line on the Horizon” due out on March 3rd, will be offered in 5 different configurations according to Billboard.com. Aside from the usual CD and vinyl verions, the album will be available in 3 different limited editions.


- In movie news, Kenneth Branagh has confirmed that he has signed on with Marvel Studios to direct their upcoming film, Thor. As an unabashed admirer of Branagh’s work, I think this is a really interesting choice and can’t wait to see what comes of the pairing of classical and comics! Rumours are that Kevin McKidd might be in talks to take on the title role but Branagh has spoken out and confirmed that no one has yet been cast. The film is set to be released July 16, 2010 in advance of the 2011 Avengers movie.

Entertainment Wrap Up: December 18, 2008

19 12 2008

Headlines and pop culture tidbits from around the ‘net:

- It’s award season and as such, nomination lists are being released with an almost comical regularity. Today’s list? The nominees for this year’s Screen Actors Guild Awards. On the film side, newly released Doubt led with five nods, while Milk and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button had three nominations each. On the TV side, 30 Rock, Mad Men, The Closer and the miniseries John Adams each came away with three nods. Notable nominations include another posthumous nod for Heath Ledger, and two nods for Kate Winslet (for Best Actress and Supporting Actress).

- William H. Macy and Norbert Leo Butz have been named as Jeremy Piven‘s replacements in David Mamet‘s Speed-the-Plow on Broadway. Piven apparently withdrew from the remainder of the play’s run after Wednesday’s matinee and named health issues – mainly elevated mercury levels – as the main reason behind his exit.

- PopCandy releases #20-39 on her list of the Top 100 People of 2008. She’s also been posting interviews with various members of the list – today’s in-depth is with the awesomely funny Kristin Wiig. Seriously – did you see her Crazy McCain Rally Lady skit on SNL? Brilliant.

- Tiny powerhouse Kristin Chenoweth is set to star in David E. Kelley‘s fall law dramedy, Legally Mad. Her character, Skippy Pylon (how’s that for a moniker?), is said to be a cheerful and brilliant attorney who occasionally shows signs of psychosis. Although I’m thoroughly excited that Chenoweth will continue to be on television, the fact she’s set to appear in a fall show means that one of my favourite shows, Pushing Daisies, has truly gone the way of the do-do. Rest in peace, Pie Hole.

Entertainment Wrap Up: December 12, 2008

13 12 2008

Headlines and pop culture tidbits from around the ‘net:

- As those of you who follow me on Twitter might’ve seen earlier this afternoon, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced Hugh Jackman as the host of the 81st Annual Academy Awards® (airing February 22).

Hugh Jackman will host 81st Academy Awards

Some people seem to be surprised by the choice but I’m guessing they are probably unaware that Jackman has several hosting gigs on his CV. He’s hosted the Tony Awards 3 times – performing at all three and taking home a Best Actor Award for The Boy From Oz one year (check out some highlights here, here and here) and even won an Emmy for one of those turns! He’ll definitely be a change from the comic hosts of the past 20 years but by selecting him it would appear the producers are trying to get back to classic Hollywood‘s habit of having popular and charismatic actors/actresses hosting the show (hosts along the lines of Jimmy Stewart, David Niven, Jack Lemmon, etc.) I think it’s safe to say we’ll probably see at least one song and dance number…if not more. I really enjoyed Jon Stewart‘s hosting gigs but I think the latest man tapped for the job will be an interesting lesson in back to basics. It’s already been quite the year for Hugh Jackman, recently named People’s Sexiest Man Alive, and it looks as if 2009 will be just as good. In addition to his hosting duties, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, his highly anticipated prequel to X-Men, hits theatres May 1, 2009.

- When American Idol returns in the new year there will be more noticeable changes then just one additional host. According to a Fox memo released today, there will be 36 instead of 24 semi-finalists, the audition episodes will be reduced while the pre-semifinal Hollywood round episodes will be increased, the wild card round will return, giving eliminated contestants the chance to compete for one of the top 12 finalist spots; the show’s focus on bad performers will be minimized and more focus placed on aspirational singers; and “Idol Gives Back,” the show’s charity telethon, will not air this year. It also appears there are no Thursday episodes on tap. I hope someone tells Paula or, better yet, don’t and film the ensuing chaos. Now that I would watch.

- Andy Samberg‘s comedy group/band, Lonely Island, signed a record deal with Universal Republic yesterday. Their debut album, Incredibad, is set to hit stores on February 10. If you haven’t seen the video (which debuted last weekend on Saturday Night Live) for their first single, J**z in My Pants…well watch it now, seriously. Also scheduled to appear on the album are Justin Timberlake, Adam Levine, Norah Jones, T-Pain, and Jack Black.

- Twi-hards and Twilighters alike can stop debating and suggesting alternatives since it appears to be official…Summit Entertainment is set to announce Chris Weitz (The Golden Compass, American Pie) as the director for, New Moon, the film sequel to Twilight…itself based on the second book in the popular series.

*Photo Courtesy of The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

Entertainment Wrap Up – December 11, 2008

11 12 2008

Headlines and pop culture tidbits from around the ‘net:

- The big noise across the Entertainment world today is the Golden Globe nominations! They were announced this morning and I’m not exaggerating by saying they are all over the place…surprising in some cases, boringly predictable in others and some even fall in the “OMG! Are you serious? I did NOT see that coming” category. On the movie side, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Frost/Nixon and Doubt led with five nominations each. Other notable noms include Heath Ledger receiving a posthumous nod for his amazing work as the Joker in The Dark Knight and Tom Cruise and Robert Downey Jr. both getting nods for their supporting work in Tropic Thunder. On the TV side, cable network shows on HBO and AMC continue to dominate the nominations. Notable TV noms include January Jones getting well-deserved recognition for her role as Betty Draper on Mad Men and Neil Patrick Harris for his awesome role as Barney Stinson on How I Met Your Mother. To view a full list of both the television and film nominees, head over to the official site. To check out some of the nominees’ reactions, head over to Variety.

- Actor Mark Ruffalo has dropped out of his latest film role to spend some time with his family after the murder of his brother Scott. Such a sad story. Ben Stiller will replace him in the vacated film role.

- BuzzSugar’s picked up on the rumour that the Gossip Girl spin-off could be a prequel to the show. It would seem one of the ideas floating around is to focus on a young Lily and Rufus, back when they first met as teenagers. Sounds intriguing…and definitely more palatable then a Jenny-centric spin off. I have to admit that Lily and Rufus are my second favourite part of the show (next to Blair and Chuck, natch) so I’d definitely be checking out this spin off if it rolls around. Although I have to admit, Matthew Settle is the reason I keep watching that plot line so I’m not sure how long my focus will remain if he’s not a part of it. Would you tune in?

- Lauren Graham is coming back to primetime! Variety reports that she is set to star in an as yet unnamed comedy on ABC and will act as producer on the show as well. This comes after the news that Graham is about to make her Broadway debut starring in a revival of “Guys and Dolls“. This makes me absurdly excited…can’t wait to see her on television again. The premise? Graham will play a self-help guru who teaches women how to live a stress-free life — but struggles to follow her own advice when her boyfriend dumps her.


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